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Interview with McGuigan

Read “Ten Questions for Mary Ann McGuigan” in the Massachusetts Review

The Massachusetts Review offers interviews with its contributors, with questions about their writing. Here’s mine. Read an interview with Mary Ann McGuigan in the Massachusetts Review The Start of the Story I don’t always know where the idea for a story comes from. That’s because my stories often evolve into something altogether different from what … Read more

Read “Holy Night” in the Hyacinth Review

“She touches his back, and even through her thick glove she can feel the warmth of him, the sobbing, and what she hopes is longing for something other than an end.” Read “Holy Night” in the Hyacinth Review The Story’s Catalyst: Addiction Few conditions are more common—or more baffling and mysterious—than addiction. For countless families, … Read more

Read “Home Front” in South Shore Review

“The therapist waits for the circle to respond, his standard manipulation. Someone to Ken’s left lets out a sigh. He suspects it’s the woman who wears black all the time. It makes her blond hair shocking. She’s forever pouting, and she looks at Ken as if men are a breed she shouldn’t be expected to … Read more

A Gathering of Wordsmiths

Vermont College of Fine Arts Postgraduate Writers Conference What a delight it was to reunite with all the gifted writers who attended this year’s VCFA Writers Conference in Montpelier. And what a treat it was to be in Steve Almond’s short story workshop and to hear him read from All the Secrets of the World, … Read more

Read “Tiny Dancer,” my story published in Random Sample Review

“On Eighth Avenue, people fanned out in every direction. Traffic crawled, and the sunlight glinted off windshields. Everyone hurried along, no matter how loudly the billboards and storefront signs insisted on being noticed.“ https://randomsamplereview.com/2022/07/28/tiny-dancer/