interracial friendship

Read “Tiny Dancer,” my story published in Random Sample Review

“On Eighth Avenue, people fanned out in every direction. Traffic crawled, and the sunlight glinted off windshields. Everyone hurried along, no matter how loudly the billboards and storefront signs insisted on being noticed.“

Read “the Snow Fort,” my short story published in Writing in a Woman’s Voice

“Sean didn’t ask what went wrong. The night his parents told him they couldn’t live together anymore, he rolled his eyes in contempt, as if their decision were a moment of crankiness, some phase that would pass if they didn’t insist on making so much of it.”

Read “Shelter,” my short story published in The Lumiere Review

“He answers her, sounding accustomed—even at age six—to a world filled with things he can’t have. And Maureen wonders if he understands that that list may now include a place to sleep.” https://www.lumierereview/mary-ann-mcguigan