“Early Signs of Life,” Creative Nonfiction, in Ellipsis

So much of what we know about our family—and even about ourselves—is derived from what we’re told by parents and siblings. Their memories, their explanations of how things were become the foundation on which our interpretation of the world is built. “Early Signs of Life,” the first essay in my collection of memoirs, is surely creative nonfiction in its broadest sense, but it draws on events described to me and circumstances I later witnessed as a child. What I hoped to capture in the piece is a feeling I had a child, which continued through adulthood, a desire perhaps common to children of large families struggling with poverty and abuse: the longing to be wanted. https://www.ellipsiszine.com/early-signs-of-life-by-mary-ann-mcguigan/?fbclid=IwAR35bag6C7ubTUJeSrruOHo-Wko5J7MR8uQxvrr7Ur-JiyMHVzrO666f59I