Author Visits

Schools, Libraries, Bookstores

Throughout the year, Mary Ann visits bookstores, libraries, and schools to discuss her fiction. She tailors her library and school visits—for grades 7 through 12—to the individual group or class. Visits may include a reading, along with a talk on the work of writing fiction, or a discussion based on one of the powerful themes in her novels. Popular choices include:

1960s: Interracial Friendship and the Civil Rights Movement

Drawing on the interracial friendship depicted in Where You Belong and/or Morning in a Different Place, this talk explores the Civil Rights Movement of the early 1960s and what race relations were like in New York during that time.

When There’s Drinking in the Family

Drawing from Crossing Into Brooklyn, Where You Belong, Morning in a Different Place, and/or Cloud Dancer, this talk explores the effects – positive and negative – on young people when a parent drinks too much.

If I Can Do It, So Can You

This talk is ideal for young people who want to be writers, especially those who are convinced the odds are against them. By describing her own obstacles to success – a childhood of poverty, alcoholism, and domestic violence – Mary Ann explores how even the wildest dreams can come true.

Duration and Cost

One class period. $1,200 for a full day (usually four presentations); $300 for a single presentation.

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